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真家 KURO のプロフィール

1983年生まれ 福岡在住





Photographer Profile: KURO 
          Born in 1983. Currently resides in Fukuoka.
          KURO is well-versed in the world of anime, and he expresses his worldview via photographs of cosplayers. The use of real water, fire, etc. are distinctive characteristics of his works, allowing him to create realistic images that cannot be achieved by graphics alone. He is skilled in matching cosplayers to beautiful landscapes across Japan, and he has garnered support from many cosplayers. 
          KURO is also an exclusive photographer for Kurate Academy, an abandoned school in Kurate, Fukuoka, which is considered a “cosplaying holy ground.”

KURO   @kuro_kurosaki

photographer, art director

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